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Venice Photodiary



They call Venice the city of love but travelling there solo, I never felt alone or in need to make it a romantic stay. I stayed with a local met on Couchsurfing and enjoyed the time spent alone as much as the time spent with my host exploring the city. I was told many times how overrated this city was, and at the end of my trip I felt it might be just a little bit underrated instead.

The morning in Venise is magic. Not many people. The sun rising on the Piazza San Marco , the first vaporettos waking up and the birds singing. What else could you ask for.

Then the day was beginning. The streets were starting to be crowded and I felt the need to hide. My exploration begun. I searched for all the small streets I could find. Luckily most of them led to water and I could sit for a few minutes and wait for a boat to pass by. That was the first thing I loved about Venice.

The second thing: finding an amazing place in a vaporetto. Whether I could sit or not , the important thing was to have the best view ever and enjoy it through the ride. The feeling is unspeakable.

You can’t go to Italy without being excited for the food and the gelato. Since I already had the best lunch the day before in Murano at the Soffiador’s restaurant, my host and I went for a picnic on a very quiet and isolated dock.

After walking all day long, we were lucky enough to catch the sunset on the city from our boat riding us to Lido for an outdoor concert and a evening at the beach. Venice at night is something else, I remember people drinking, having fun, and some of them asking / offering us drugs. Oh , and also a lost dog who wanted to stay with us all night. There was a different but pleasant energy that night.

What to do in Venice :

– Try to wake up as early as possible even if it means taking a nap in the middle of the day. There’s nothing compared to the feeling of having that beautiful city for yourself , even for a few minutes. Take time to breathe and watch the life around you.

– Search for hidden places, small streets and surrounding islands.

– Try a picnic or a drink on the docks.

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Après Murano , direction Burano. Trop de couleur tue la couleur ? Impossible à Burano! Je dirai plutôt qu’autant de couleur ne peut que faire sourire.  Ici on n’a pas le temps de faire grand chose à part se perdre dans les petites ruelles couleur bonbon, visiter les petites boutiques de dentelle Continue Reading


3 Days In Venise : Murano Island



Depuis le temps que je voulais découvrir Venise! J’ai décidé sur un petit coup de tête d’y passer mes trois derniers jours de vacances ( juste avant la rentrée) et je n’ai pas été déçue. Premier jour , direction les deux îles Murano et Burano, Continue Reading


Cinque Terre



Les Cinque Terre étaient sur ma bucket list depuis un bout de temps. Cet été était le moment parfait pour ajouter  cette  destination à mon itinéraire. . Les cinq villages composant les cinque terre ( Monterosso al Mare , Vernazza , Corniglia , Manarola et Riomaggiore ) longent la cote méditéranéenne et constituent , village par village , un magnifique mélange de couleurs et de formes , le tout , ancré dans les roches.

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Florence Photo Diary


IMG_4041De retour de mes deux semaines de voyage en Italie et en Croatie. Stop numéro 1 : Florence. C’est un peu ma ville de coeur puisque ça fait des années que je prévoyais d’y aller. 5 jours inoubliables , cette ville est une carte postale géante. De la beauté , de l’histoire et de bons plats , un peu partout.

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